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What is Timer ?

To measure the specific interval of time we use the timer. Timers can be classified into two main types. A timer that counts forward from zero for measuring elapsed time is often called a stopwatch, while other device that counts down from a specified time interval is more usually called a timer.

The first device was introduced in the 8th century AD to measure the passage of time that was known as Hourglass (Sandglass, sand timer, sand clock, egg timer). Then Water clock, pendulum clock and now we are pretty aware of the digital clocks.

In our daily life, we are pretty bonded with a time to do specific tasks or work in a given period of time. So, our organization decided to create simple user-friendly website minutetimer.org to set a time for your every action.

How to use the minutes timer?

On minute timer set the minute, seconds and start it. On the other hand, you can set the date and time to count days, hours, minutes, and seconds till the action completes. The timer triggered alert will appear and the pre-programmed sound will be played at the set time.

When setting the timer, you can click the 1 minute timer to test the alert, also to check and adjust the sound volume.

Click the "Reset" button to start the timer from the initial position. You can also use "Pause", "Resume" and "fullscreen" functionality.

You can bookmarks links to minutes timer with different time number to your browser's Favorites. Opening such link everytime will show predefined time.

Where to use minute timer?

In our daily life, there are so many actions where we can use timer and so you can get momentum of the day. You can use a timer to do a lot of things like meditations, writing, chores, work intervals. Sometimes it can be helpful in set you relax like reading a book, watching a TV show or just cloud gazing. And also useful in getting children to do chores or complete homework.

Using a timer can make you more disciplined, mindful, and able to enjoy even seemingly mundane tasks. And yes it impact your life positively.

Why Should you choose Minute Timer?

Welcome to Minute Timer. Our intention to make your daily tasks in a very organized way. With this, you can time anything, it helps you to cultivates determination, makes things manageable and creates positive habits.

We created this fabulous website for users who actually use timers in their daily life. We make this very convenient for you. We don't play any advertise or serves for any affiliate marketing platforms. This website minutes timer is totally ad-free.

We added another functionality of set timer and make it full screen. This full-screen facility is fully responsive for desktop and every mobile device.